Orion's Canis Major
Orion's Super Giant Beta Orionis
Pedigree of Major Pedigree of Rigel

Born January 1, 2020
All Sold

Price $1,000.

These puppies should be excellent hunting dogs for both waterfowl and upland game. They should also do well as hunt test dogs and have  field trial potential as well as a great temperament that will make them excellent pets and family members.  

Rigel is a Hank x Star pup and has inherited excellent hunting skills from her parents and she has a very short coat and narrow body both  desirable in a hunting Golden Retriever. She has done well both in the field and at the tower shoots.

Major comes from a long line of field dogs, both field trial dogs and hunters. In his first hunting season at 14 months old he has done well both hunting for me and guiding at the hunt club. On Major's web page is a video of him retrieving pheasants at a tower shoot at 5 months old.

Both parents are healthy dogs free of hereditary disorders including

All puppies come with their first shots and wormed. They are introduced to pheasant wings as well as live birds (if available) before leaving. All are handled and socialized daily from 3 weeks old until 8 weeks old.

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