Skipper wearing his winter coat at about 2 1/2 years old.
Owned by Shannon Vaughan of Carmi, IL
Couldn't be more pleased with him.

Owner Dave and Becky Rasmussen Trenton, IL
President of Retrievers Unlimited
    We couldn't be happier with our pup.  He has great drive, determination and intellect.
   He has a great disposition and is good with everyone he meets.  He is growing fast and he loves to play with our 90 pound Lab.  He gives our lab a run for his money during backyard speed races but they are best friends.
   We have starting training him to retrieve and he doesn't hesitate to pick up chuckers, pheasants, ducks, and even a coot.  We have a lot more training ahead of us but he is off to a good start and he demonstrates excellent potential. We are planning to run him this fall for his Started Hunting Retriever title.

Rigel with his Upland Title.

Rigel at 9 months old with
his Started Retriever Title
He earned his Hunting Retriever
(HR) Title in Oct. 2018

A Major x Star pup.

No, she is still to young to retrieve these.
Owned by Bill Jackson of Fork S.C.
Quote as a new pup.
"We're just overwhelmed by what a great little pup she is."
Quote at about 3 years old.
"She is definitely the fastest dog I have, she always gets to the bird first"

Cheereo at less than a year old

Owned by Richard Bright of Champaign, IL.
More than pleased with this great dog.

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Owned by Mary Severinghaus of Champaign, IL
 "He's a sweet, smart, beautiful, lovable dog, and he travels well. He and I took a road trip to North Carolina last year and he was wonderful."
"I have recommended to friends considering a Golden puppy that they contact you. Wish we could have another..."